Enlightening Students of Tripura for a bright career

Sajal Tiwari

Everyone seems to have an expectation from you, your mom, your dad, your family, your peers, your teachers even your neighbours. They expect you to become a doctor, an engineer, an army officer and many more such reputed professions but the most important question is

“What do you want to become”?

If you have a keen interest in sparkling yourself as a professor, stock broker, sportsperson, musician, actor, doctor, programmer, architect or any career which suits you best, then that is what you should pursue and enlighten the whole world with your magnificent skills because that is where your heart and soul lie, don’t let the world’s expectation eclipse your natural & raw talent. Because when you invest your time and talent at a profession that you are genuinely interested in, then your efforts are rewarded by miraculous achievements and success, but, if you end up doing something against your own will and wish then the outcomes will be mediocre to say the least.

India is in a phase where many opportunities are popping up like mushrooms in every field, be it sports, commerce, arts, research & development, you name it. There has never been a better time to live in this country as today, India is going to be the face of the 21st century, it is going to engineer the future of the world, so you being the citizens of this very developing country can and should shape your destiny the way you like it, let no one else decide for you, because they will not live your life afterwards, you are going to, so live your life with following your dreams and do what you want to do.

Once you have made a choice, never regret it, stand by your decision, no matter what, let the adversities not affect you or manner of thinking, because nobody has lived a life without difficulties, it is an indispensable  part of human life, you take the problems head-on, face it with all your courage, persevere and ultimately conquer. This is how life is meant to be lived.

For all you outstanding students, there is a very bright future awaiting you, as you are in one of the best school of the nation, taught by the best teachers, there is no one who can stop you from succeeding. So, never lose heart, always be happy and optimistic, because our life is far too short for being sad & singing melancholies.

As for the careers that you will choose, try and be honest with yourself, don’t just go with the flow, if your friends are doing something, then let it not affect your career choice, do whatever you want to do with all your heart and be completely honest with your profession. It might sound very complicated to you but as you grow up to become an adult, these choices and values will shape up your life.

Always aim for the best but prepare for the worst too, the results might not match your expectations but then also never lose heart and don’t stress over it, get over the past and focus on the bright future ahead, and put in the efforts at this very moment. You know what great leaders say “Past is history, Future is mystery, so present is all you have”, so make optimum use of this moment and come out with flying colours, because I have complete belief and trust in your talent and abilities, so should you.