The Social Need for Cafes


Cafes and art spaces in a city are where the young people to frequent. Cafes are no more places where just lovers and college goers meet.  Such places, in today’s time, serve many purposes like start-up ideating hub, business meetings, and social and art events, apart from having some good coffee. Yes, it is also the place where people go looking for some free wi-fi while they are trying to get the least priced item on the menu. Well, thanks to the change in Starbucks policy where now they allow people to use their restrooms and sit in its cafes even if they do not buy anything. 

The social need for cafes is increasing as they serve as a space for youngsters to gather and create something meaningful. In metropolitan cities of India and cities across the globe, cafes host music, spoken word poetry, and art discussion and talks. Art Gallery cafes have also started to come up in India. They showcase artist works, paintings and photographs but also are functional cafes.  

Art, revolutions, and cafes have long gone hand in hand. Art is a powerful tool to bring about social change as well as uphold culture. Art of a particular region speaks immensely about its people, culture and politics.

In a time when local culture, practices and knowledge are dwindling, it is just not the lack of documentation, but also failing to provide free spaces to have conversation about the arts and culture. In Tripura it is essential that we revive the art scene in the State through regular meet-ups, and creating free art spaces. With the new Government in place there is ample opportunity to support contemporary arts which will base their work around Tripura’s rich culture.

Agartala is slowly coming up with cafes and eating joints. One of such cafes which is lively and has started a monthly poetry scene is Cafe Frespresso by collaborating with Poetry Couture, a national poetry movement. Developing a city includes developing its arts, freedom for experimentation of creativity and showcasing the world its heritage and culture. Cafes is Agartala stand a good chance to redefine what ‘cafe’ means to this city and participate in the emerging dialogue of arts and culture.