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Congress observes 'black day' to mark demonetization anniversary
By Our Correspondent, 09/11/2018, Agartala

As a part of Anti-Demonetization Day, Tripura Pradesh Congress on Friday observed Black Day in protest against the demonetization of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes by the Centre in the year 2016 on November 8. Staging protest the members stated that the two years of demonstration was a disaster for the people of the nation.

Opposition Congress today demonstrated in front of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in Agartala to protest against two years of demonetization of BJP led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government and alleged that the demonetization move is a ploy of the BJP leaders to convert their black money into white.

Addressing a two hours mass demonstration here this morning, Tripura Pradesh Congress President Birajit Sinha said our country has become bankrupt after the demonetization. BJP president Amit Shah has converted his Rs.700crorer black money into white. After the demonetization many BJP leader has converted their all black money into white.

Congress workers observed the day as ‘Black Day’ and called that demonetization was full of faults and hastily implemented.

“It affected the people of nation most and rendered lakhs of people jobless due to the closure of a large number of small industrial units as a severe fallout of demonetization. Nearly 150 people died in the queues outside banks and ATMs across the country,” the congress members added.




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