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Rafael Nadal pays tribute to Andy Murray after Wimbledon retirement revelation
From the Webdesk, 12/01/2019, New Delhi

Rafael Nadal and Murray have known each other since teenagers, and have met 24 times throughout their time on the ATP Tour.

Murray has beaten his Spanish rival on seven occasions - with the last of those coming at the ATP World tour Masters in Spain in 2016.

Nadal’s rivalry with the Scot is drawing to a close, however, after Andy Murray revealed he would be retiring after Wimbledon in June after issues with his hip.

"I've pretty much done everything that I could to try and get my hip feeling better and it hasn't helped loads,” he said. I’m in a better place than I was six months ago but still in a lot of pain. It's been tough.

"During my training block (in Miami last month) I spoke to my team and told them I can't keep doing this.

“I needed to have an end point because I was sort of playing with no idea when the pain was going to stop.

"I said to my team, look I think I can get through this until Wimbledon.

“That's where I'd like to stop playing. But I'm also not certain I'm able to do that."

And Nadal has now paid tribute.



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