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World Hypertension Day observed at IGM Hospital
By Our Correspondent, 17/05/2018, Agartala

Health Minister Sudip Roy Barman on Thursday inaugurated World Hypertension Day at IGM Hospital. The program was organized by the initiative of the Health and Family Welfare development. As a part of the day Health Minister Sudip Roy Barman also checked his pressure level at IGM hospital.

World Hypertension Day might sound like an intensely stressful day, which causes high blood pressure, but it is in fact an educational event, designed to prevent instances of hypertension.

Created by the World Hypertension League in 2005, the day is intended to increase awareness of the condition and issues surrounding it. Awareness of hypertension is considered to be vitally important, due to the number of deaths linked with associated heart attacks, kidney disease and strokes. There is also a perceived lack of awareness about hypertension amongst the general public, which is expected to develop such programs added Health Minister Sudip Roy Barman.  




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