Sl No.Title / SubjectDepartmentUpload DateClossing DateDownload
1Procurement of ISI marked Fe 410 grade welded ERW pipes confirming to IS: 3589-2001 (Latest Revision) with both side beveled end of different diameter including carrying of materials, all kinds of loading, unloading and stacking properly at DWS central store-yard, Nandannagar etc. complete as per direction of the Engineer-in-Charge for DTW Schemes in Tripura during the year 2018-19. 2nd callPWD (Water Resources)15-02-201925-03-2019download
2Flood damage repair of different roads under the jurisdiction of Baikhora PWD (R&B) Sub-Division (East side of NH-08) during the year 2019-20/ SH:- Earth cutting, filling, patch soling, road side katcha drain and protection work etc.PWD (Roads and Buildings)28-02-201927-03-2019download
3FDR to different road in east side of the NH-08 under the Santirbazar PWD(R&B) Sub-division during the year 2019-20 / SH:- Removal of landslide, Protection work, patch soling, earth filling, gunny bag placing etc.PWD (Roads and Buildings)28-02-201927-03-2019download
4FDR/ Mtc. of road from i) Mohan Tripura house to Acharjee para ii)Nayan Bari to Sibadhan Para(L045) iii) Bankul-Bagmra road to Abhiram tripura para under Rupaichari PWD(R&B) sub-division during the 2018-19/ SH:-Earth cutting, Brick soling, removal of excess soil, surface drain etc.PWD (Roads and Buildings)28-02-201927-03-2019download
5Stengthening and improvement of riding quality of road from Jalefa to Chotokhil (Job No. CRF/TR/2018-19/034)(2nd Call).PWD (Roads and Buildings)02-03-201927-03-2019download
6Construction of RCC Box-Cell at ch: 2.60 Km over local cherra on K-M-A road to Kachucherra Police Station via Kakaria Tilla / SH: - 1 (One) no RCC Box-Cell (3 x 8.00 mtr.) RIDF-XXIV.PWD (Roads and Buildings)03-03-201927-03-2019download
7Proposed construction of Double storied Administrative Building for Krishi Vigyan Kendra at Panisagar North, Tripura/SH:- Building portion including water supply and sanitary installation.PWD (Roads and Buildings)03-03-201925-03-2019download
8Strengthening and improvement of riding quality of road from Ambassa to Kachucherra Bazar (Job No.CRF /TR /2018-19/031) (2nd Call) DRAFT NIT No: 03/CE/PWD(NH)/CRF/2018-19PWD (Roads and Buildings)03-03-201925-03-2019download
9Installation, commissioning and supplying of pit-less type Truck weigh bridge of 60 M. T. capacity including construction of standard size of platform suitable for the same capacity of weigh bridge along with approach ramp under DWS Store yard at Nandan Nagar, AgartalaPWD (Roads and Buildings)07-03-201901-04-2019download
10Replacement of existing damaged slab culvert on K-A road (infront of Salema Town Hall) at Ch.24.85 Km by providing RCC Box Cell during the year 2017-18 / SH : Construction of Box-cell (2x6.00 mtr.), Job No. TP/COM/8/2018-19 (3rd call)PWD (Roads and Buildings)07-03-201927-03-2019download
11Improvement of road from Champaknagar to Jampuijala via Belbari (Length 13.65 km) under CRF Scheme in the State of Tripura/(Balance Work).PWD (Roads and Buildings)08-03-201930-03-2019download
12Proposed construction of Double storied Administrative Building for Krishi Vigyan Kendra , Gomati District, Tripura/ S.H: Building construction including water supply & sanitary installation.PWD (Roads and Buildings)08-03-201926-03-2019download
13Improvement and widening (both side) of road from Kashari Trijunction to Gourangabazar to make it intermediate width (total length-30.00km)/ SH: GSB, metalling, carpeting, seal coat, protection wall, RCC box cell culvert and other allied works etc. Job No.TP/COM/27/ 2018-19.PWD (Roads and Buildings)08-03-201901-04-2019download
14Improvement of road from TNV Colony (Aloy Cherra Market, NH44) to B.B road via Khas Tilla & NBCC Road (L0-94) (L-7.80 k.m)/SH:- Widening of road by brick soling. metalling, carpeting, side shouldering, retaining wall, toe wall, construction of 1 (one) no of box-cell culvert & 3 nos slab culvert and road side drain. Job No. TP/COM/129/2016-17/Balance work (3rd Call).PWD (Roads and Buildings)08-03-201929-03-2019download
15Anti erosion work along the bank of River Dhalai at vulnerable location of Harerkhola near bypass embankment under Kamalpur Nagar Panchayet in Dhalai District of Tripura State(Group-I/II) (Length 150.00 Mtr).PWD (Water Resources)09-03-201908-04-2019download
16Propos~d construction for Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan as a Nation-wide flagship campaign for achieving Universal Accessibility for persons with DisabilitiesPWD (Roads and Buildings)09-03-201906-04-2019download
17Anti erosion work along the bank of River Dhalai at vulnerable location of Chankap Basti of Chankap G.P under Salema Block in Dhalai District of Tripura State (Length 200.00 mtr.)PWD (Water Resources)09-03-201908-04-2019download
18FDR of various road 1. Tillabazar to Baburbazar road (L=2.00 Km), 2. Faizalil Madrassa road(l=1.50 Km) and 3. Baburbazar Hiracherra road (L=0.800 Km) under Kailashahar PWD(R&B) Sub-Division no-II during the year 2018-19/SH: Earth filling. soling/ Resoling ,Grouting, WBM carpeting/Re-carpeting surface dressing, shoulder maintainance, Cutting drain etc. including protection work.PWD (Roads and Buildings)07-03-201925-03-2019download