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Tenders / EOIs
Sl No.Title / SubjectDepartmentUpload DateClossing DateDownload
1Corrigendum regarding press notice inviting tender no.4/ee/wrd-1/2018-19 dated 19/04/2018 circulated vide memo no.f.16(2)/ee/wrd-1/1553-99 dated,19-04-2018 agaonst sl.no 4 and dnit no.128/ee/wrd-1/dnit/2018-19(2nd call) has been cancelled.PWD (Water Resources)28-04-201828-05-2018download
2Mtc. of Latiabill to East Avanga (Bhagaban Daspara) brick soling roads from ch: 1.30 Km to ch: 2.20 Km under PWD (R&B), Salema Sub-Division during the year 2018-19 (Length considered- 0.90 Km) / SH: - Patch soling, mixed class bats laying, unline drain, side shoulder mtc. etcPWD (Roads and Buildings)03-05-201818-08-2018download
3Corrigendum notice for various DNIT against various work order.PWD (Roads and Buildings)06-05-201807-06-2018download
4Corrigendum for the work of SL.NO.01 of PNIT No.01/EE/NHD(PWD)/BKR/2018-19, dated 20.04.2018PWD (Roads and Buildings)08-05-201807-06-2018download
5GIP/ FDR/ Maintenance of Right Bank Main Canal at Ch.100.00 mtr. to Ch.21,000.00 mtr. (2nd Call)PWD (Water Resources)09-05-201806-06-2018download
6Annual maintenance to different L.I. schemes under Pecharthal R.D. Block under Water Resource Sub-Division, Kanchanpur, North Tripura during the year 2018 - 19 / SH: Rewinding of Motor.PWD (Water Resources)17-05-201802-06-2018download
7Memo regarding the tender for the below noted work invited vide PNIT No. 01/EE/SNM/PWD/2018-2019, dated- 04/04/ 2018 are hereby treated as rejected/cancelled as per clause 23.2 of the DNITPWD (Roads and Buildings)17-05-201809-06-2018download
8ADDENDUM for Due to poor response of the aforesaid tender the date of tender have been rescheduled as here under where in terms & conditions of the tender will remain unchangedPWD (Roads and Buildings)19-05-201819-06-2018download
9 Construction of RCC box cell (2X6.00m)over Potacherra on Gandacherra-Raishyabari road at ch.27.80km under PWD(R&B), Gandacherra Sub-Division during the year 2018-19/SH:- 1 no RCC boxcell(2X6.00m). DNIT No.07/DNIT/SE-V/AMB/2018-19PWD (Roads and Buildings)19-05-201829-05-2018download
10Flood damage repair during the year 2018-19/Protection of Left bank of River Howrah at Radhanagar(Radhamohanpur)under Old Agartala Block/SH:-Providing PVC wire crates(L=65.00 mtrs)(Group-III).PWD (Water Resources)19-05-201802-06-2018download
11Improvement of road during the year 2017 -2018/ contruction of road from the house of Shyamal Debnath upto house of Dilip Ghosh and Sadhan Kapali with branch connecting with lankamura and west bhubhanban.PWD (Roads and Buildings)19-05-201805-06-2018download
12Upgradation of road from Kadamtala to Rani Bari (TR-03-03 (Ug) (Length-12.60 km) under Kadamtala block (Through route No: T04) (Balance work),PWD (Roads and Buildings)19-05-201831-05-2018download
13Procurement of different dia. DI(K9) Pipe for Water Supply Schemes in Tripura during the year 2018-19PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)19-05-201829-06-2018download
14Up-gradation of Infrastructure of School Building of Ramesh H.S. School, Udaipur, Gomati District, Tripura under the Scheme of SCA (Untide) during the year 2014-15PWD (Roads and Buildings)19-05-201811-06-2018download
15Procurement of UPVC Pipes (pressure 6.00kg/cm2) of different diameter for Water Supply schemes in Tripura during the year 2017-18.PWD (Drinking Water and Sanitation)19-05-201828-06-2018download
16Replacement of Bailey Bridge by construction of RCC box cell( 3x8.00m) on the road starting from NH-44 to Bikram Malsompara via Balaram Thakur, Kashidas at Ch. 1.20km.”Job No. TP/COM/06/2018-19PWD (Roads and Buildings)19-05-201831-05-2018download
17Construction of internal road & slab culvert for 1000 MT. food godown at Jarultali under Chandipur Block, Kailashahar, Unakoti Tripura / SH. Soling,metalling, carpeting, CD etcPWD (Roads and Buildings)22-05-201807-07-2018download
18Mtc. of road during the year 2018-19/Repairs to road from NH-44 (Baikhora) to Kalashi via Ananta Biswas Para (L= 10.10 Km) at Ch. 7.00 Km to 10.10 Km/SH:- WBM, Re- carpeting, Sand Seal Coat and protection work etc. PWD (Roads and Buildings)24-05-201824-06-2018download
19Tender for various maintenance work.PWD (Roads and Buildings)22-05-201824-06-2018download
20Flood Damage Repair (FDR) of NH-08 (44) during the year 2017-18/SH: Protection work at Ch. 331.90 Km, Ch.332.30 Km, Ch.332.35 Km, Ch.332.50 Km , Ch.333.20Km & Ch.339.40 Km (3rd call)PWD (Roads and Buildings)22-05-201830-06-2018download
21CORRIGENDUM for Please read DNIT No. - 01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,09,10,11,12 & 13 /EE/ WRD-VII/PTL/2018-19 instead of DNIT No. - 01,02,03,04, 05,06,07,08,09,10, 11, 12 & 13 /EE/WRD-VII/PTL/2017-18. PWD (Water Resources)22-05-201830-06-2018download
22Memo on last date of selling and receiving against this office Press Notice Inviting Tender No. 04/EE/UDP-DIVN/UDP/2018-19 dated, 02.05.2018 and circulated vide memo No. F.TC/01/EE/UDP-DIVN/703-765 dated 02.05.2018PWD (Roads and Buildings)22-05-201830-06-2018download
23Mtc. of road near Bridge Chowmuhani under Sonamura Sub-division PWD(R&B) during the year 2018-19/ SH: Patch soling, metalling, carpeting, seal coat etc.PWD (Roads and Buildings)23-05-201830-06-2018download
241. Replacement of existing damaged slab culvert on K-A road (in front of Salema Town Hall) at ch: 24.85 Km by providing RCC Box Cell during the year 2017-18 / SH: Construction of Box Cell (2 x 6.00 mtr.) Job No. TP/COM/8/2018-19. PWD (Roads and Buildings)23-05-201830-06-2018download
25Flood damage repair during the year 2018-19/Protection of left bank of river Howrah at Radhanagar(Radhamohanpur) under Old Agartala Block.PWD (Water Resources)24-05-201830-06-2018download
26Renovation of Minor Irrigation Scheme of PWD(WR) during the year 2017-18/ L.I. scheme at West chebri-II ( Near Pucca Bridge ) under Khowai R.D. Block& L.I. scheme at Champahour Near the house of Nilmani Deb Barma under Tulashikhar R.D. Block / Shifting of Pump house including Installation work. PWD (Water Resources)24-05-201830-06-2018download
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